Introducing Red Malibu Seedless.

This unique variety was discovered in many years ago in a block of Flame Seedless, with a vine that matured more slowly than its neighbors and produced a grape that was twice the size of the Flames.  We grafted this special vine onto a rootstock, experimented with different growing techniques, and painstakingly nurtured it into the exquisite grape Mirabella Farms now offers under the trade name Red Malibu Seedless.

What makes this variety so unique is how it combines the distinctive crispness of the Flame Seedless with the large size of the Red Globe. The flavor is unbelievably sweet, with a light, delicate taste, like a Honey Crisp Apple which is very juicy but meaty at the same time.

Harvested in mid August to late September or early October, the Red Malibu Seedless is only available for a limited time each season, so keep an eye out for its arrival in your favorite produce department!